Yakthung Chumlung Association of Calgary (YCAC) is the oldest and the largest organization to continuously serve the Limbu community in Canada. Our history dates back to the 1990's when families of retired Gurkhas started immigrating to Canada from Nepal and settled in the City of Calgary. In the past, we have operated under various different names (Limbu Society of Calgary, Kirat Yakthung Chumlung Calgary), until we eventually registered our organization under our current banner -- the YCAC.

YCAC works diligently to promote, preserve and protect the Yakthung culture in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. We strive to provide services that build the capacity of local Limbu community. Our Chumlung looks to establish networks with other communities within the city and around the world to work with one another; build affinity groups, and seed funding to assist in building a stronger community.

Calgary, a city with the highest number of Limbus in Canada has a long history of Limbu settlement with a steadily growing Yakthung population.



  • Preservation and promotion of Yakthung ethno-cultural practices in Canada.

  • Helping and supporting Yakthung newcomers to resettle and integrate into the main stream of Canadian society.

  • Working in partnership with neighborhood communities and other not for profit organizations in areas of common interests.

  • Extending co-operation and solidarity within Yakthung societies in Canada and across the world.

Limbus in Calgary, Canada