The YCAC logo is our own interpretation of a Limbu cultural symbol that is 'Silaam-Saakma' (a handmade ornament - meant to ward off evil, bad luck, diseases etc). This simplistic-modern take on a traditional 'chumlung logo' is a beautiful combination where past meets the future. Lines on our design are clean, angular strokes of a calligraphy brush to give it a stunning visual appeal. 


This beautiful design is a perfect representation of who we are as Calgary Yakthumbas. We are immigrants from a distant land trying to fit-in and make our mark in this diverse, modern world. We bring in our own culture, language and tradition but we are also more than willing to assimilate and contribute as productive members of global society. Moving forward not forgetting where we came from. 





What's a Silaam-Saakma?

Perhaps a symbol most identifiable with the Limbu people and culture is the Silaam Saakma. The sign or logo of Yakthungs closely related with 'Mandala' - has a spiritual significance to all Yakthungs. It is believed that Si-lam Sakma will protect individuals from demons and evil spirits by obstructing the path to death as the Yakthung term Si-lam Sakma implies (based on conversation with Mrs. Rupa Mademba Limbu, Senior YCAC member).